Patients + Research #hcsmca Chat

On January 13, CAHO co-hosted a tweet chat with the ever-insightful #hcsmca community. With 130 participants and nearly 2000 tweets, we gained a lot of insight about patient engagement and research. We asked four (and a half) questions on our chat, and received some powerful responses. See examples below, or check out our Storify summary of the conversation here.

  • T1. Why does health research matter to you?
  • T1b. What impact has health research had on your care experience?
  • T2. How can the patient voice support, improve or empower health research?
  • T3. How can social media tools break down barriers between research and patients?
  • T4. What kind of research information are you looking for on social media?

Kathy Kastner #hcsmca #onHWSPat Rich #hcsmca #onHWSChristina Lizaso #hcsmca #onHWSDawn Richards #hcsmca #onHWSAnne Marie Ciccarella #hcsmca #onHWSIsabel Jordan #hcsmca #onHWSFarah Mawani #hcsmca #onHWSChristine Harris #hcsmca #onHWS

What would you have said in response to our questions? If you missed the chat, we encourage you to share your insights using our campaign hashtag, #onHWS.

Thanks to all who joined us on January 13! Stay tuned to #onHWS for more health research news and stories, and follow our new Patients + Research blog right here on our Healthier, Wealthier, Smarter website. If you’d like to contribute to the Patients + Research blog, email