Published by admin at March 1, 2016

RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT: St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton

Towards a Wealthier City: Impactful, Innovative Health Research at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton

By Dr. Jack Gauldie, Vice-President Research, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton

With a strong history of medical leadership and a legacy of transforming patient care around the world, Hamilton hospitals are transforming the city through innovation, research and scientific discovery.

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton was founded in 1890 with a promise and vision to provide compassionate patient care to those who need it most. Since that time, our hospital and research enterprise has evolved to not only make our province healthier and smarter, but also wealthier.

Our affiliation with McMaster University and close relationship with Hamilton Health Sciences has created opportunity for our research to impact the city as a whole through collaborative research that produces innovative diagnostics, treatments and medication. For examples of this kind of impact, watch Building a WEALTHIER Ontario: Hamilton’s Story.

From the laboratory bench to the patient’s bedside, health research and patient care go hand-in-hand. Within our institution, researchers have made ground-breaking discoveries in the areas of lung disease, kidney disease, infectious disease and mental health.

As the centre for a number of international clinical trials, the research we do helps keep Canadians healthier – resulting in fewer visits to the emergency department and an improved quality of life.

Developing new treatments for pulmonary fibrosis, asthma and allergies has saved the lives of thousands of Canadians – and has helped thousands more to breathe easier every day. International testing of new treatments for kidney disease has the potential to affect nearly 1.3 million Canadians who suffer from moderate to severe forms of kidney disease.

Working closely with our industry partners presents opportunity to commercialize the research discoveries created within our hospital. From the development of portable devices that can diagnose infectious diseases in only 20 minutes, to the creation of a video game that helps teenagers to recognize the signs and symptoms of psychosis, research at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton creates economic change while succeeding in its primary goal of improving patient care.

Innovation has taken many forms. St. Joseph’s Health System has succeeded in developing a new, integrated model of patient care that was successfully tested at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton.

This pioneering Integrated Comprehensive Care project provides patients with a continuity of care that stretches across each step in the patients’ journey, from hospital to home, and provides a new holistic patient experience for the 21st century. Winning a Canadian leadership award for innovation in improving outcomes, the success of the Integrated Comprehensive Care project has resulted in the province beginning to adopt this model across Ontario.

By working together with our colleagues across Hamilton as well as the patients that we serve, research at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton works to make Ontario a healthier, wealthier and smarter place for everyone.

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St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton is one of Ontario’s 24 research hospitals that contribute to a healthier, wealthier, smarter province. Look for other RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT posts on our Healthier, Wealthier, Smarter blog. To learn more about what’s needed to support Ontario’s health research enterprise, download our Policy Platform.