Published by admin at February 12, 2016

Health & Community Leaders Talk: Keanin Loomis

Ontario's health research hospitals make our province healthier, wealthier, and smarter

The HWS campaign is a platform for collaboration. That’s why this blog series is co-authored by community and health leaders from across the province to share their insights on why health research matters for Ontarians and our economy. Keanin Loomis, President and CEO of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, shares his insights on how Hamilton’s health research sector is collaborating with—and attracting—key business partners to commercialize health products and drive a diversified economy. Thank you, Keanin, for adding your voice to the HWS conversation.

Who are you?

Name: Keanin Loomis
Community: Hamilton
Organization & Title: President and CEO, Hamilton Chamber of Commerce

Keanin Loomis, President and CEO of Hamilton Chamber of Commerce

Health Research and Business: Collaborating on a New Economic Future for Hamilton

Known more for our industrial legacy, the Hamilton renaissance is being driven by an economy that, according to the Conference Board of Canada, is this country’s most diversified.

The abundance of intellectual and institutional assets associated with our healthcare and academic partners at Hamilton Health Sciences, St. Joseph’s Health Care, McMaster University and Mohawk College give our economy a strong foundation in the growth industries that are “eds” and “meds”. The combined forces of healthcare and academia in Hamilton has led to a prosperous health research community that’s impacting health on a local and global scale.

While there is downward pressure to control costs, there is upward pressure to embolden Hamilton’s world-class researchers and clinicians to create better innovations that will help improve care while reducing costs. And with the efforts of key leaders in Hamilton’s anchor institutions, an entire network of community stakeholders is being mobilized in support.

There is a strong, and necessary, relationship to be nurtured between Hamilton’s life science research institutions and the local and global businesses that are capable of commercializing their discoveries. Research hospitals and health-focused academic institutions produce scientific and technical knowledge, but they must build partnerships and tap into other resources, like innovation incubators, as they navigate the pathway towards commercialization.

This is happening now in Hamilton. The knowledge infrastructure needed to create health-related ripple effects throughout the Hamilton economy is coming into place. Watch Building a WEALTHIER Ontario: Hamilton’s Story to learn more.

  • Hamilton Health Sciences, employing around 11,000 professionals in Hamilton, is one of the three largest hospital systems in all of Canada. St. Joseph’s isn’t far behind, employing 7,500 professionals in our city.
  • Both institutions, with their formidable clinical trial activity and lab infrastructure, are highly ranked research institutions producing world-class research, in partnership with McMaster University and Mohawk College.
  • All those institutions are working with the Hamilton business community, including the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, the City of Hamilton’s Economic Development Department and Innovation Factory, Hamilton’s regional innovation centre, to create the ecosystem necessary to encourage commercialization.
  • The stakeholders are working to create a brand, and then tell our community’s story better to the potential partners and funders needed to fuel commercialization and build channels around the world.

With all these necessary ingredients coming into place, Hamilton’s life sciences sector is poised to create new, sustainable economic and social wealth in our community and beyond while driving the future of health care. That’s how Hamilton is contributing to a healthier, wealthier, smarter province.


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