Published by admin at November 30, 2015

Health and Community Leaders Talk: Nancy Schepers

Ontario's health research hospitals make our province healthier, wealthier, and smarter

The HWS campaign is a platform for collaboration. That’s why this blog series is co-authored by community and health leaders from across the province to share their insights on why health research matters for Ontarians and our economy. Nancy Schepers, former Deputy Manager of the City of Ottawa, was recently interviewed by the Ottawa Citizen about her diagnosis of leukemia, and the impact of care and research at The Ottawa Hospital. Her story is “a real-life example of how research and scientific progress is changing some cancer diagnoses from almost certain death sentences, for some patients, to manageable chronic illnesses”. Thank you, Nancy, for adding your voice to the HWS conversation.

Who are you?

Name: Nancy Schepers
Community: Ottawa
Organization & Title: City of Ottawa, Executive Advisor Light Rail

Health and Community Leaders Talk: Nancy Schepers

 1. What does health research mean to you?

Health research has resulted in advances in care that are allowing me to live with leukemia by simply taking pills every day.  This is truly remarkable and unheard of until fairly recently.  By sharing my story I am also learning that for many patients the medication itself is only part of the solution and am happy that research is broadly focussed to ensure holistic care that helps patients maintain their overall quality of life.

2. How does health research contribute to a healthier, wealthier, smarter Ontario?

Health research allows for patients to continue to actively nurture their families, volunteer in their communities and continue to actively work.  In my mind these activities are foundations for a healthier, wealthier and smarter Ontario.


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