Published by admin at January 27, 2016

Health and Community Leaders Talk: Minister Reza Moridi

Ontario's health research hospitals make our province healthier, wealthier, and smarter

The HWS campaign is a platform for collaboration. That’s why this blog series is co-authored by community and health leaders from across the province to share their insights on why health research matters for Ontarians and our economy. Minister of Research and Innovation, Reza Moridi, spoke at our June 1st Healthier, Wealthier, Smarter conference and campaign launch at MaRS Discovery District (see summary here). In his speech, Minister Moridi spoke of the value that research hospitals bring to Ontario’s innovation engine, saying “research hospitals will foster the economy of tomorrow, while improving our quality of life.” It is our honour to have the Minister offer his full insights on our Health and Community Leaders Talk blog. CAHO and its members thank you for your support, and look forward to cultivating partnerships to continue building a healthier, wealthier, smarter province.

Who are you?

Name: Reza Moridi
Community: As Provincial Minister, I represent all Ontarians. As an MPP, I represent the riding of Richmond Hill.
Organization & Title: Ontario Minster of Research and Innovation; Ontario Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities


Minister of Research and Innovation, Reza Moridi, addresses the Healthier, Wealthier, Smarter audience on June 1, 2015

1. What does health research mean to you?

Health research means a lot, not only to me, but to Ontarians, and Canadians. It brings hope – for treatments, cures and a better quality of life, and it’s fair to say that the work of researchers in Ontario has changed lives around the world. Our government — under the leadership of Premier Wynne — is committed to supporting research, and over the past 10 years we have made significant investments to that end. We’re helping researchers nurture discoveries because we know how important it is to get their work from the lab to the marketplace, and to patients.

Health research helps us to live longer and have a better life, and on the other side, health research helps our economy to grow. It’s a very strong component of our economic growth in terms of health and innovation, so it means a lot to Ontarians, to Canadians, and indeed, to the government of Ontario – and to me, as the Minister of Research and Innovation.

2. How does health research contribute to a healthier, wealthier, smarter Ontario?

By investing in research and the life sciences I think we can make Ontario healthier through critical medical breakthroughs that lead to tangible benefits for Ontarians. We have also been very clear that we want to be a leading global jurisdiction in health research because of the massive economic opportunities and market potential it presents. And, of course, when we link the health benefits and the wealth we can create from this research, we become smarter as a province.

We know that our government’s support is crucial in today’s highly competitive global economy to ensure Ontario’s discoveries and innovations make it to the marketplace first. This support is crucial to the next generation of researchers and innovators in Ontario because through them, we will flourish — and make history. But most importantly, this support is crucial to people, to the patients, and families who are looking for answers and for assurances that they will receive world-class treatment in this province. That’s what a healthier, wealthier, smarter Ontario is all about.


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