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CAHO Webinar Expert Panel Members Discuss The Art of the Possible: Debunking Common Procurement Myths in Ontario’s Broader Public Sector

The Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario (CAHO) held a webcast on Monday, November 26 on The Art of the Possible: Debunking Common Procurement Myths in Ontario’s Broader Public Sector.

Stemming from CAHO’s reference guide titled, The Art of the Possible: A Quick Reference Guide to Ontario Broader Public Sector Procurement Myths, the expert panel members examine well-known barriers to innovation adoption in Ontario and strategies to address them.

If you are involved in hospital procurement in Ontario, this webcast can be a valuable educational tool to help you confront barriers or misconceptions associated with the Broader Public Sector Procurement Directive. Additionally, if you are considering an innovation to pilot and/or adopt at your organization this webcast will also act as an informative tool.

A few of the myths addressed in the webcast include:

  • Organizations must pick the lowest cost option to be consistent with the Value for Money principle of the Directive
  • The Directive forces organizations to go to market for all procurements
  • Health Service Providers are not allowed to talk to vendors

A survey conducted by CAHO across its member hospitals in 2016 helped identify the major hurdles to innovation adoption within their own organizations. 76% of respondents identified policies, directives, and procurement rules as their biggest barriers.

The Art of the Possible Quick Reference Guide and webcast are meant to empower you and your organization by making clear what can be done, what resources are available, and by encouraging you to take a value-based approach to procurement.

This webcast is part of CAHO’s work as an Innovation Broker for the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. CAHO was appointed as an Innovation Broker in 2017 to address barriers to innovation adoption.

CAHO represents Ontario’s 23 research hospitals that play a unique and vital role in the province’s health care system. Collectively, we provide advanced patient care services, train the next generation of health care professionals, and conduct leading-edge research to discover tomorrow’s care today. On the foundation of this work, we generate the expertise and evidence to drive change as system leaders, building a healthier, wealthier, smarter Ontario.