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Building a SMARTER Ontario: Dr. Janet Rossant’s Story

Ontario research hospitals contribute to a smarter Ontario by attracting, training and retaining some of the world’s most highly skilled researchers that help to establish our province as a destination for discovery and research development while building our knowledge-economy. Among these researchers is Dr. Janet Rossant, who proved the pluripotency of embryonic stem cells, in collaboration with Dr. Andras Nagy, in 1993 right here in Ontario.

Discovery Breeds Discovery

In our Building a SMARTER Ontario video, Dr. Rossant motivates and inspires us by sharing the story of how discovery breeds discovery.

“A health research hub like the one we have in Ontario is about developing a network of the best and brightest minds to advance the research that will lead to the next breakthrough,” said Dr. Rossant. “In my case, that breakthrough happened when my colleague Dr. Andras Nagy and I, supported by a team of researcher associates and students, proved the pluripotency of embryonic stem cells. That discovery contributed to later stem cell discoveries worldwide.”

Collaboration is fundamental to the success of health research. It takes teams of people with different ideas and expertise to really drive innovation, from discovery to translation, for impact on the economy. Ontario continues to foster this type of collaboration, that’s part of what’s making our province—and Canada and the world—smarter.

Quick Facts: Dr. Janet Rossant

Canada and Stem Cell Research

The field was born in Toronto in 1961 when Dr. James Till and Dr. Ernest McCulloch of the Ontario Cancer Institute proved the existence of stem cells. That discovery positioned Ontario as a hotbed for stem cell research and created an important foundation for multiple stem cell innovations and discoveries. Through teams of researchers, international collaboration and investment in this area of health research, Toronto, Ontario and Canada has grown into a major player in the stem cell and regenerative medicine field, with hundreds of scientists based here.

To learn more about Canada’s contribution to stem cell research, watch the Canadian Stem Cell Foundation’s video, which highlights 50 years of groundbreaking discoveries that have come from this country.

To learn more about the pluripotency of embryonic stem cells and what that can mean for patients, check out this video, narrated by Dr. Rossant herself.

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