Health and Community Leaders Talk: Nancy Schepers

The HWS campaign is a platform for collaboration. That’s why this blog series is co-authored by community and health leaders from across the province to share their insights on why health research matters for Ontarians and our economy. Nancy Schepers, former Deputy Manager of the City of Ottawa, was recently interviewed by the Ottawa Citizen about her diagnosis of leukemia, and the impact of care and research at The Ottawa Hospital. Her story is “a real-life example of how research and scientific progress is changing some cancer diagnoses from almost certain death sentences, for some patients, to manageable chronic illnesses”. Thank you, Nancy, for adding your voice to the HWS conversation.
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HWS Field Trips: Ottawa

Touring Ottawas Research Hospitals

Research hospitals play a leading role in making Ontario healthier, wealthier, and smarter. To demonstrate the world-class research happening across our province, we kicked off our newest series, HWS Field Trips. Our first stop? The nation’s capital! We got a behind-the-scenes look at some of the research labs at the Bruyère Research Institute, The Ottawa Hospital, The Royal Ottawa, Montfort Hospital, and the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO).

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RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT: Baycrest Health Sciences

Mindfulness is a term that’s used a lot, often in lifestyle magazines and articles about coping with the stresses of modern life. But mindfulness is more than just a buzzword or a fad. Scientific research has established that mindfulness training programs can provide psychological and physical benefits.

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