Building a SMARTER Ontario: Dr. Janet Rossant’s Story

Ontario research hospitals contribute to a smarter Ontario by attracting, training and retaining some of the world’s most highly skilled researchers that help to establish our province as a destination for discovery and research development while building our knowledge-economy. Among these researchers is Dr. Janet Rossant, who proved the pluripotency of embryonic stem cells, in collaboration with Dr. Andras Nagy, in 1993 right here in Ontario.

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RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT: Bruyère Research Institute

The HWS blog proudly presents an illuminating new series called RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT. Over the next year, we will be shining the HWS light on the 24 research hospitals that make up CAHO to discover how their research is contributing to a healthier, wealthier, smarter Ontario. First up? The Bruyère Research Institute, located in Ottawa.

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Health and Community Leaders Talk: Dr. Catherine Zahn

The HWS campaign is a platform for collaboration. We’re kicking off a new blog series that’s co-authored by community and health leaders from across the province to get their insights on why health research matters for Ontarians and our economy. Our first author is CAHO’s own Chair and the CEO of CAMH, Dr. Catherine Zahn.

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Research Wrap-Up: CAHO Catalyst Fall 2015

“Without health research, you can’t have clinical trials, and without clinical trials, you can’t improve the health of Ontarians.” – Patient Gretta Hutton’s Mantle Cell Lymphoma is in remission, thanks to a clinical trial at Hamilton Health Sciences. Just one of many inspiring stories in this season’s Fall Catalyst.
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