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The Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario (CAHO) represents Ontario’s 23 research hospitals that play a unique and vital role in the province’s health care system. CAHO hospitals are leaders in the system, and collectively we make Ontario healthier, wealthier and smarter.


Ontarians want their families and the people they love the most to live longer and to live better.  Health research makes Ontario healthier through the discovery of better care, cures and treatments for the most pressing challenges ‒ discovered here, tested here, and delivered here.

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Ontarians want more value for their health care dollar. Research conducted in Ontario’s research hospitals finds new methods of delivering more efficient patient care, but also generates economic benefits. Every dollar spent on hospital research generates nearly three dollars of economic output and supports 42,000 jobs.

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Ontario’s research hospitals attract the best and brightest researchers and scientists from across the globe. These hospitals are home to more than 17,500 researchers and research staff. For Ontarians and patients in the health care system, this makes the system work smarter.

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Dr. Larry Robinson

Sunnybrook researchers find early physical medicine and rehabilitation consults benefit critically injured patients

Dr. Larry Robinson, Director of the St. John’s Rehab Research Program at Sunnybrook Research Institute. Dr. Larry Robinson, a senior scientist and director of the St. John’s Rehab Research Program at Sunnybrook Research Institute, has shown that among people with traumatic injuries or burns, early consultation with a physiatrist (physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor) is [...]

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